YouTube Video Notes: G7FX In Depth US Crude Oil Analysis and Fully Audited Stats Review Part 1

YouTube Video Notes: G7FX In Depth US Crude Oil Analysis and Fully Audited Stats Review Part 1

I had a lot of people ask me about how my performance was during the last couple of months because we had a lot of political risk to overcome.

So, it’s worthwhile just having a look at some stats; fully audited of course. As you know I’m the only trader in the world really showing this stuff publicly but I’ll come back to that. Then we’ve got the Crude Oil analysis. So, this video was maybe not as polished a video as a couple of my last videos but detailed, nonetheless. I think we had Forex for beginners and futures versus Forex before this video but as with all of them I like to keep them unscripted and kind of just see where it goes.

Now before getting into it I just wanted to say Happy New Year. This is the first video I’ve really put up on the channel since the turn of the New Year. I know that COVID-19 issues are still there for everyone so I hope you’re keeping safe during lockdown and I just wanted to wish you the best for 2021 before I got into things.

So, in this video I show you my stats for December. I had a lot of people asking about performance in December and basically as you’ll see in the video it was 57%.

I also have November results as well. Some really interesting takeaways from there so definitely worth looking at that. We also get into some Crude Oil Analysis but let’s get into the stats first.

So, what I’ve brought up in the video is, as many of you that have followed the channel for a while will be familiar with, is my MyFXBook and as you will see for December it’s basically 57% or just under, 56.99%, with a drawdown of 9%. No open trades, no open orders and the history showing that I made a withdrawal on the 4th at the end of the month and obviously all the trades there.

So, some real interesting takeaways from this month. Before I get into that, as always, you can see everything’s fully verified using one of the biggest brokers in the world.

As you know there is a lot of garbage posted online and I get asked about my stats but honestly, it’s just a waste of my time. I am busy actually trading so I don’t bother with a lot of the garbage that’s posted because I mean what is the easiest way to answer? By doing these videos and obviously showing stats which as we know no one else in the world is doing!

So, some of the key takeaways; let’s really get into it for the most serious of you who actually want to take advantage of the fact that someone like me, a professional trader that’s been doing this for years is actually showing this stuff. You know, putting aside all the retail nonsense as I call it. What can you actually learn from this?

Well, what you can see is that (and I mentioned this a few times to a lot of people who subscribe to my email list and Instagram @nvforex) I didn’t actually trade frequently this month. Another reason that it’s really important to kind of only follow advice that’s backed up by stats because a lot of people may be telling you things and you don’t know if it’s necessarily right.

In this video you can see it is categorically the case that I did not trade between the 16th and the 30th of December. I do trade the S&P500 and Crude Oil and I may have dabbled a little bit in those markets but in general as you can see, I wasn’t very active in the markets and there’s a reason for that.

So, December was the month of political risk and it’s really important to recognise that. So, number one takeaway is I didn’t trade throughout that period as I was very mindful of the environment, we’re in whether there’s event risk with news. Whether there’s political risk, again can be some overlap with event risk.

We had the uncertainty of the elections in November/December. We also had Brexit going, we had the vaccine news coming out. So, there was a lot of volatility, but it wasn’t one thing or another. This is what’s really important to note so as many of you who’ve done the G7FX program know I don’t really follow news in depth but when I worked in investment banking, I did follow it very closely.

I used to know things like inflation down to a pint of milk and how much the price of that had changed or how the petrol prices had changed. The individual constituents of the inflation figure, that’s the sort of detail I used to go into but as my trading has become kind of more intraday in nature, I’ve found a lot of that to not be as important or useful.

What I have however found to be useful is to at least to have a broader picture of event risk, political risk, what’s going on etc. So, I just want to give you a bit of an insight into what was going on in my mind in November and December.